Why Fit a Porch to Your Home?

A lot of us constantly ‘window shop’ on sites like Rightmove, taking a look at homes we ‘d like to be able to afford. Estate Agents understand that an attractive property will attract attention, which is why the external appearance of your home is so crucial.

Whether you’ve lived in your home for many years, or you’re thinking about proceeding, you’ll continuously be considering ways to improve it. Lots of our clients imagine adding a roof lantern or a conservatory – but what about the humble, yet essential, porch?

Back to Basics

A porch is a really small space on the front or side of a residential or commercial property. Offering you stay within particular size limits, you can set up a porch without planning permission. It’s crucial to check the rules for permitted advancements.

This makes a porch a very rewarding investment, considering that the cost of putting up and designing one is extremely budget friendly. Without the planning process, it’s also a reasonably quick task to complete.

Why Have a Porch?

So now we have actually established that anyone can have a porch on their property. What are the essential factors to get one installed?

Looks. A porch can include balance and finesse to the front of your home, supplying a centrepiece and included visual interest. Include an attractive uPVC or composite door, and you might change your home’s kerb appeal relatively quickly.

Space. Porches add convenient storage, or a sensible location for boot racks and other products that clutter up your hallway. You can likewise use your porch to show plants or ornamental lighting to develop an excellent first impression.

A porch offers an additional layer of security at the front of your house, making intruders hesitate about trying to force their method. Combined with a contemporary door, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of multi-point locks and protected windows.

Energy effectiveness. Including a porch can help to keep heat, since you can close one door behind you prior to opening the one in front. That traps heat inside and minimises draughts; perfect if your front door leads directly into your living-room.

Hopefully we’ve given you some motivation about the uses for a porch. If you’re keen to investigate your alternatives, here are your next steps.

Initially, look at the planning permission rules and ensure you have space for your porch. The dimensions offered are measured externally, so bear that in mind too. You may need to move steps, so factor in the most likely cost of the building work.

You’ll need an installer. We recommend that you prevent pre-packed packages from the internet. In some cases, experience and competence is worth spending for, and glazing is certainly an example of a product that shouldn’t be purchased on the cheap!

Third, consider the design of the porch. Compare your plans with the appearance of your neighbours’ porch. You need to get an excellent feel for what looks proper. Some porches are merely glass boxes, while others include decorative interest.

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